Domed decals usually refer to the product tags or labels that are thick, clear and a domed shape is made of polyurethane (resin) over the original sticker inside. It feels like the label is coming out of the surface, when domed labels are attached to the product. The most important thing is that these labels are unfading, scratch free, and never catch the dust. These labels are water, oil, salt, acid, and germ proof. They have long life too. So, it’s really handy to use domed labels not only for their attractive 3D looks, but also for the remarkable advantages they have.

Custom Made Domed Labels

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Domed Decals For Product Branding

Dome decals are more than just standard stickers. Domed decals, also known as bubble labels, epoxy domes or resin stickers are the perfect solution for any business looking for a way to show off their logo or brand in an innovative and distinctive way. Domed decals are covered with a thick, transparent, polyurethane coating for a 3D look. They are flexible, scratch resistant and can be applied to slightly curved surfaces.

Custom domed decals are made to withstand extreme weather conditions over a long time period. Even labels that are exposed to constant sunlight and exposure to salt water will maintain their adhesiveness and the colors won’t fade.

There are many domed decals suppliers out there with digital printing and cutting equipment allowing them to produce domed decals in any size, shape or color. PD Decal is one of them. What makes PD Decal unique? We are one of a few that offer combination of both digitally printed and screen-printed labels, stickers, domed decals and 3D magnets. Screen-printed labels and domed decals offer top color graphics and the best quality currently available on the market. Ask us for FREE samples of stickers and decals!

Domed Labels Made To Order

PD Decal has customers who place orders that range from a few domed labels to hundreds of thousands domed decals. PD Decal can supply a custom dome decal, label and sticker for just about any application. Our domed decals and labels can be found on quality items all over the world. You may have seen these domed labels and domed decals on products from well known manufactures such as BMW, VW, PANASONIC, ORAL-B, GE, NIVEA, VOLVO, HERTZ, SHIMANO and thousands of others. PD Decal also provides domed decals to promotional product industries.

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